Trends in Home Improvement Tools for 2024

Trends in Home Improvement Tools for 2024

Now in 2024, the home improvement tools market continues to evolve, driven by advancements in technology, changing consumer preferences, and the ongoing demand for DIY solutions. This article explores the key trends shaping the industry this year, drawing insights from various market research reports and industry analyses, with a special focus on dryers and their accessories, including dryer vent hoses.
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1. Smart Tools and IoT Integration

IoT technology is increasingly being integrated into home improvement tools, a trend that is becoming more pronounced in 2024. Smart tools can connect to mobile apps, provide real-time data, and enhance user control. For example, the Bosch GLM 50 C laser measure connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth for precise measurements and data recording. The LG SmartThinQ series of smart dryers can be remotely controlled and monitored, enhancing user convenience. The Whirlpool WED49STBW smart dryer allows users to set drying cycles, check remaining time, and receive error notifications through a mobile app, making household management more efficient.
Source: Gartner’s 2024 Technology Trends Report highlights the growing adoption of IoT across various industries, including home improvement tools.

2. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products

Sustainability has become a core concern for consumers, and the home improvement tools market is no exception. Tools and accessories made from eco-friendly materials are in increasing demand. The DeWALT 20V MAX series utilizes environmentally friendly battery technology, reducing harmful substances. Eco-friendly dryer vent hoses, such as the Deflecto Supurr-Flex, are made from recyclable materials, reducing environmental impact. Bosch has also launched its GreenStar series, focusing on high efficiency and eco-friendly design to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.
Source: Statista’s 2023 Consumer Trends Report indicates that 65% of consumers prefer eco-friendly products, a figure expected to rise in 2024.

3. Cordless and Battery-Powered Tools

Cordless tools continue to dominate the market, driven by advancements in battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries are becoming more powerful, providing longer run times and faster charging. The Makita LXT series of cordless tools offers high performance and extended battery life for various home improvement needs. The BLACK+DECKER BDCDD12Ccordless drill is ideal for installing and maintaining dryer vent hoses, offering convenience without the hassle of power cords. The Ryobi P883 tool kit includes multiple essential cordless tools suitable for home repairs and DIY projects.

Source: IBISWorld’s 2023 Home Improvement Tools Market Report notes a significant increase in sales of cordless tools, projecting further growth in 2024.

4. Ergonomic and User-Friendly Designs

With the rise of DIY culture, there is an increasing emphasis on ergonomic and user-friendly designs. The Stanley FatMax series tools are ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue, making them suitable for extended use. Lightweight tools like the Ryobi ONE+ series enhance user experience during installation and maintenance of dryer vent hoses. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel series tools feature ergonomic designs with comfortable handles and lightweight construction, reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

Source: Nielsen’s 2023 Consumer Insights Report shows that ergonomic design is a key factor influencing purchasing decisions in the home improvement sector.

5. Digital Platforms and E-Commerce Growth

The shift towards online shopping continues to impact the home improvement tools market. E-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay are expanding their offerings, providing detailed product information, user reviews, and virtual assistance. Consumers can easily compare products and make informed purchasing decisions online. For example, Amazon offers various dryer vent hoses, such as the iPower Aluminum Foil Vent Hose, complete with detailed user reviews and usage guides. Home Depot and Lowe's also provide online shopping and delivery services, making it convenient for consumers to purchase home improvement tools and accessories.

Source: Eurostat’s 2023 E-commerce Report highlights the significant growth in online sales of home improvement tools, a trend set to continue in 2024.

6. DIY and Pro Consumer Overlap

There is an increasing overlap between DIY enthusiasts and professional consumers. The Milwaukee M18 series tools are popular among both professionals and DIYers. These high-performance tools make complex DIY projects, such as installing dryer systems, manageable. The DeWALT XR series provides professional-grade performance, suitable for complex home projects and professional construction.

Source: Home Improvement Retailer’s 2023 Industry Analysis Report discusses the convergence of DIY and professional tool markets.

7. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Applications

VR and AR technologies are revolutionizing how consumers plan and execute home improvement projects. AR applications can virtually plan the installation of dryers and ventilation systems, ensuring accuracy in real-life implementation. IKEA's AR app allows users to preview furniture and appliances placement in their homes, aiding in better purchasing decisions. Lowe's offers the Holoroom experience, where users can simulate home improvement projects through VR, improving design and installation accuracy.

Source: Gartner’s 2024 Technology Trends Report highlights the increasing use of VR and AR in retail and home improvement applications.

8. Efficiency and Performance Enhancements

Advancements in technology are making tools not only smarter but also more efficient and powerful. High-efficiency dryers and accessories, such as advanced vent hoses that minimize energy loss and improve airflow, are in demand. The Whirlpool high-efficiency dryer series and the Dundas Jafine ProFlex vent hose are excellent choices, ensuring better performance and energy savings. The LG EcoHybrid dryer combines heat pump and traditional drying technologies, significantly improving energy efficiency.

Source: Statista’s 2023 Home Appliances Report emphasizes the demand for high-efficiency appliances and accessories.


The home improvement tools market in 2024 is characterized by technological integration, sustainability, convenience, and user-centric design. As these trends continue to evolve, consumers can expect innovative solutions that make home improvement projects simpler, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. Companies embracing these trends are likely to lead the market, meeting the growing demands of both DIY enthusiasts and professional users.
By staying informed about these trends and leveraging the latest tools and technologies, consumers can confidently and efficiently complete their home improvement projects, including the installation and maintenance of dryers.